Analog Antics and Power Supply Pyrotechnics

Act 1: Analog Antics and Power Supply Pyrotechnics As a kid growing up in Australia, my life was a tapestry woven with analog wonders. I reveled in the simple joys of VCR tapes, which stored my most cherished movies. The Sega Master System, old in our childhood and a relic by today’s standards, was our go-to portal for gaming escapades.

Virtualized Routing: A Deep Dive Into Proxmox and OPNsense

Introduction Ever felt really, really annoyed by the limitations of your ISP’s issued router? That was me, staring in disbelief at the restrictive features and evident bottlenecks of a router that screamed ‘budget constraints’. That’s when I finally decided it was time to change it out, spend a bit of money and get something more performant capable of handling advanced features?

Getting Started with Virtualization: A Journey from Zero to Proxmox

Introduction I’ve recently been gripped by the fascinating world of Linux. Initially, my curiosity led me like most of us, to dual-boot Windows with the Ubuntu flavour of the month, hoping to integrate Linux into my everyday computing. However, these experiments, undertaken repeatedly throughout highschool and then throughout life in gereral were short-lived.