Hardware Hijinks and Welcoming the Cattle

Act 9: Hardware Hijinks and the Rise of Modular Systems The arrival of 2021 saw yet another relocation, which posed a unique challenge—how to avoid interference with the existing network. A spare Raspberry Pi came to the rescue, connecting to Wi-Fi and forwarding the connection to my personal router.

The Ryzen Era and Enterprise Escapades

Act 8: The Ryzen Era and Enterprise Escapades The dawn of 2020 brought an itch for something more potent. I concocted a plan to build a Ryzen-based desktop, complete with a host bus adapter and a disk shelf, intending to bid adieu to both my NAS and Mac Mini.

My Herd: An Overview of My Homelab

2023: The Year of Hardware Revolution I want to document some of the seismic shifts happening in my hardware landscape and drill down into the “whys” and “hows” of these changes. Trust me, you’ll wanna hear about this. Mechagodzilla: From Mac to Lenovo For a solid 8 years, my daily driver has been the same Macbook Air.

The Twilight Times: From Gaming PCs to a Minimalist Approach

Act 6: The Twilight Times Moving to Brisbane for a short lived attempt at university marked a shift in my technological journey. I arrived armed with my trusty gaming PC and a two-bay Synology NAS, which housed backups of my ROMs, photos, and a movie collection of the most glorius telesyncs and 480p rips.